RIVEAL is highly linked with national and international interests on the conservation of riparian forests, on socio-cultural values of humanized landscapes and on the environmental management. This last task is transversal to the overall project and ensures the communication of results to specific target groups (e.g. researchers, policy makers, water managers or land planners), through seminars and other divulgation actions with stakeholders.

Apart from the divulgation of results on national and international journals and conferences, other actions will be implemented such as:
– a Workshop presenting the RIVEAL project and kick-off meeting;
– a special session on predictive modeling and ES in an international conference;
– creation of a website and project logo: the website of the project will be implemented and a strong and suggestive logo will be created to promote ready public recognition during and beyond the project, and it will be used in presentations, posters, and other publications;
– a pedestrian guided visit with an environmental education purposes at the study area;
– elaboration of factsheets on Ecosystem services provided by biota, biodiversity values (team has expertise in reptiles, fish, invertebrates, flora, microalgae), and cultural values. Ecosystem Services Factsheets will be designed addressing the study areas and delivered in the guided visits and final workshop.