October 2, 2019

First workshop

January 15, 2019

The first Workshop of the RIVEAL project took place at Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Portugal.

This meeting intended to present the project to the science community, water managers and decision makers, and general population. Herein, Francisca Aguiar presented the RIVEAL project in general while the remaining speakers talked about specific topics that will be considered to achieve the project objectives. Accordingly, Teresa Ferreira talked about riparian ecosystems as sentries for global changes and providers of ecosystem services, M. Rosário Fernandes and Alexandra Correia revealed preliminary results on carbon stock and sequestration of riparian forests, M. João Feio and Salomé Almeida presented an integrative view of fluvial ecosystems such as functional approaches and indicators, Rui Rivaes showed different examples on how to model the development of riparian vegetation facing different scenarios of river regulation, and Pedro Segurado explained how bayesian networks and bayesian decision models can be applied to the project in order to model the riverine ecosystem services.

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