October 17, 2022

RIVEAL project’s participatory workshop at Ponte da Barca!

October 17, 2022

On October 12th, the RIVEAL project organized a participatory workshop on the Lima River, in partnership with the Ponte da Barca City Council.

This meeting took place at the Casa da Cultura in Ponte da Barca and aimed to make communities aware of the importance of environmental participation, contributing to a greater demand in relation to the sustainable management of river ecosystems. This event also intended to understand the ways of using the Lima River, the affective connection to the river, as well as the perceptions of the members of the local communities about the river and the Touvedo dam, as well as the dynamics that have been created there.

The workshop was organized by the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon (ICS-UL), partner of the RIVEAL Project, with the illustrious presence of Mr. Mayor of Ponte da Barca Augusto Marinho, as well as the participation of approximately 40 members of the local community and representatives of various entities linked to the Lima River. The team members of RIVEAL Project Francisca Aguiar, Rui Rivaes (RIVEAL Project Coordination), Luisa Schmidt, Ana Delicado and Joana Sá Couto (ICS-UL) participated in the workshop. The contributions of all participants will be included in the final project report and the information collected will be analyzed with a view to a better understanding of the relevant practices in the Lima River and for the co-production of public policy solutions for the river and surrounding territory.

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