The RIVEAL logo is an attempt to shape the concepts underlying the project. As the project aims to determine the ecosystem service modifications of rivers and riparian forests according to the anthropic-derived land use and water management scenarios, the logo incorporates the concepts of riparian ecosystem services and riverine areas (in green) driven by the modified flow regimes (blue) under the influence of the societal demands (brown), particularly river regulation by dams (brown shape of a dam). On the other hand, this chain reaction is fluid along the longitudinal fluvial dimension, represented by the brush strokes of the river (blue) and riparian areas (green), as well as circular, as the ecosystem service modifications will consequently affect societies and their demands, characterized by the round shape of the logo. The name of the project follows the same line of thinking, coloured with the colours of the three dimensions from which the work of this project is based.

Logo credits:  Logo vector created by 3ab2ou –