Francisca Aguiar

Project PI and UL/ISA team leader; Assistant Professor

Riparian forests and aquatic vegetation; functional ecology; ecossystem services

Teresa Ferreira

Project Co-PI; Full Professor

Ecology and management of fluvial systems; fish ecology and aquaculture; riparian ecology

Alexandra Correia

Senior Researcher

Climate change impacts on mediterranean woody species; carbon fluxes in the interface soil-vegetation-atmosphere; Pinus pinea and Quercus suber

M. João Martins

Assistant Professor

Mathematics applied to ecology and biology; theoretical estimation of extreme values; computational statistics

M. Rosário Fernandes

Senior Researcher

Riparian ecology; remote sensing and GIS; optical traces

Pedro C. Silva

Assistant Professor

Applied mathematical research to Ecology and Biology; fundamental mathematical research

Pedro Segurado

Senior Researcher

Ecological modeling; conectivity; multiple pressure effects on rivers

Rui Rivaes


Ecological modeling; riparian and aquatic ecology, ecohydraulics

Ivana Lozanovska

PhD student

Riparian vegetation; riparian ecology; functional ecology

Luisa Schmidt

UL/ICS team leader; Principal Researcher

Environment; sustainability; governance

Ana Delicado

Assistant Researcher

Sociology; environmental education; public policy

Joana Sá Couto

PhD student

Social and cultural anthropology; wildlife conservation; culture and environment

Maria João Feio

UC/MARE team leader; Assistant Researcher

Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning; environmental risk; technologies for exploring and monitoring

Ana Calapez

Research Fellow

Ecology of macroinvertebrates and biofilms in lotic systems; multiple stressors effects on river communities; biomonitorization

Salomé Almeida

UA/Geobiotec team leader; Assistant Professor

Environment; water quality; diatoms

Andreia Mortágua

Research Fellow

Algal diversity; water quality, diatoms

Nicola Clerici

Associate Professor

Environment; Biodiversity; Remote Sensing


Daniel Gebler

Assistant Professor

Biodiversity; Conservation biology; Water quality

Cristiana Vieira

Herbarium Curator

Biodiversity; Conservation biology; Conservation