Setembro 14, 2022

O Projeto RIVEAL esteve presente na 13ª SERE Conference!

14 de setembro de 2022

From 5th to 9th September 2022, two RIVEAL project members participated at the SERE2022: 13th Conference of Society of Ecological Restoration on the subject “Restoring Nature, Reconnecting People”. The conference took place at the University of Alicante, Spain, and was participated by more than 350 people and had around 200 oral communications and posters.  SEE2022 aimed to assess recent advances in the theory and practice of ecological restoration in various ecosystems (ex. forests, rivers, agroecosystems) and discuss future priorities. The RIVEAL project members Francisca Aguiar (ISA-Ulisboa, CEF) and Maria João Feio (MARE, UCoimbra) participated with two different oral presentations on the Session “Hydrological Restoration”. regarding the results of the project and pertinent issues in riparian restoration actions, namely the “River-human connections and affinity for nature of local populations to regulated rivers.” and “River regulation induces functional alterations in the aquatic communities”.

Saiba mais sobre as apresentações do projeto RIVEAL aqui.

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