Grey Lady Plymouth Adds Scented Geranium to Collection

Grey Lady Plymouth Adds Scented Geranium to Collection

The world-renowned Grey Lady Plymouth has recently added the delightful Scented Geranium to its collection of exquisite botanical wonders. This addition showcases the ongoing dedication to curating a diverse and captivating array of flora within the garden. The Scented Geranium, with its fragrant leaves and charming blooms, brings a touch of elegance and aroma to the already stunning display. Watch the video below to witness the beauty of this new addition firsthand.

Grey Lady Plymouth introduces scented geranium to collection

The Grey Lady Plymouth has recently added a new member to its collection, the scented geranium. This aromatic plant is a delightful addition that brings both beauty and fragrance to the gardens of the historic estate.

Scented geraniums, also known as pelargoniums, are a popular choice among gardeners for their lovely scents and attractive foliage. They come in a variety of fragrances, including rose, lemon, mint, and more, making them a versatile and charming addition to any garden.


The Grey Lady Plymouth, known for its exquisite gardens and botanical collections, has long been a destination for plant enthusiasts and nature lovers. The addition of the scented geranium is sure to enhance the sensory experience for visitors, as they stroll through the meticulously curated grounds.

These fragrant plants are not only pleasing to the nose but also have a range of practical uses. Scented geraniums are often used in cooking, perfumery, and herbal medicine. Their aromatic leaves can be infused into teas, used in baking, or distilled into essential oils for a variety of applications.

Furthermore, scented geraniums are known for their insect-repellent properties, making them a natural and eco-friendly way to deter pests in the garden. Their fragrant oils can help keep mosquitoes, flies, and other unwanted insects at bay, without the need for harmful chemicals.


The Grey Lady Plymouth's decision to introduce scented geraniums to its collection reflects a growing trend towards sustainable gardening practices and a renewed appreciation for the beauty and benefits of aromatic plants. By showcasing these fragrant specimens, the estate is not only enriching its botanical offerings but also promoting environmental stewardship and biodiversity.

Visitors to the Grey Lady Plymouth can now enjoy the sight and scent of these charming geraniums as they explore the estate's gardens and grounds. Whether used in floral arrangements, culinary creations, or natural pest control, scented geraniums are sure to leave a lasting impression on all who encounter them.

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