RIVEAL: Investigating the Impact of River Regulation on Ecosystems

The RIVEAL project is focused on studying the effects of river regulation on ecosystems, particularly in relation to climate change-driven regulated flow regimes. This research aims to understand the implications of river regulation for the biota and overall health of river ecosystems.

Recently, a paper titled "River ecosystem endangerment from climate change-driven regulated flow regimes" was published in the prestigious scientific journal Science of the Total Environment (STOTEN). This study delves into the effects of climate change and its impact on hydropower production, as well as the subsequent consequences on the instream biota of rivers.

Another significant publication from the RIVEAL project is the paper "Multi-biologic group analysis for an ecosystem response to longitudinal river regulation gradients." This study, published in the Science of the Total Environment journal, explores how various aquatic and riparian biological elements are influenced by different levels of regulation intensity along rivers. It also examines the interrelations between these elements and how they cope with disturbances caused by river regulation.

RIVEAL Project

The RIVEAL project is funded by various institutions and aims to provide valuable insights into the impacts of river regulation on ecosystems. Through its activities, the project team collaborates with different stakeholders and conducts extensive research to understand the complex interactions between river regulation, climate change, and the biota of rivers.

The research carried out under the RIVEAL project has resulted in a range of deliverables, including publications, factsheets, and science briefs. These resources help disseminate the project's findings to a wider audience and facilitate knowledge exchange among researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

One of the key goals of the RIVEAL project is to enhance outreach and raise awareness about the importance of sustainable river management. By organizing news and events, presentations, and tools, the project team actively engages with the community and shares their research findings with relevant stakeholders.

For more information about the RIVEAL project, its activities, and the research conducted by the project team, please visit the official website. The website also provides contacts for further inquiries or collaborations.

The RIVEAL project is a crucial endeavor in understanding the impacts of river regulation on ecosystems and contributes significantly to the field of environmental science and management. Through its research, it aims to inform policymakers and stakeholders about the potential risks and benefits of river regulation in the face of climate change, thereby promoting sustainable river management practices.

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